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Ferme Magerotte
Le Porc des Prairies d'Ardenne

Rue de Lahaut, 11 - B-6950 Nassogne
T : +32(0)84 21 06 29 - F : +32(0)84 22 14 29
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 Recommendations for enjoying our cured meats

Easy to prepare – endless combinations

The traditional way of presenting ‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ at the table is to cut paper-thin slices (in a crosswise direction to the meat fibres) and to place the slices on the plates or on a dish for enjoying on their own, tapas style, or accompanied by figs, avocados or asparagus.

‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ bacon should cut into average-sized slices, or into little lardons and sautéed in a frying pan to accompany a green salad or a tomato salad. When cut very thinly, it can be enjoyed as a delicacy or quickly sautéed or oven cooked to accompany scrambled eggs or roasted peppers.

Sausages should always be cut into thick chunks.

Serve our cured ‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ with fresh crusty bread, a dash of ground pepper and a glass of mouth-watering red wine. It’s fabulous with raclette or cheese fondue too. It sits just as happily on plate of Ardennes specialities as it does in a simple sandwich or in canapés for aperitifs.

Cured ‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ ham provides a smorgasbord of opportunities for other foodie combos, whether as carpaccio drizzled with a dash of olive oil and some parmesan shavings, or in a salad buffet, or on a plate of cooked meats or with cottage cheese or a selection of fruit such as apples, pears, melon or strawberries.

As a alternative to meat, cured ‘porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ is a great match with saffron rice, pasta with olive oil, most green vegetables and all potato based meals.

The possibilities are endless. Just let your creative juices flow!
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