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Le Porc des Prairies d'Ardenne

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Autour de nos productions originales
Autour de nos productions originales

‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ is a quality meat product originating from the most ancient cross-bred pork breeds, handpicked by our forefathers to produce a species adapted to the inclement weather conditions in Ardennes.

The lush pastures of the Ardennes produce grass that is bursting with goodness. The nutritional quality of this grass is widely acknowledged as unique.

That’s why our pigs are born and raised in the prairies and spend their lives happily rooting and roaming in this environment in accordance with methods taught to us by our forefathers.

It couldn’t be any other way of course in the Ardennes. This is after all the land of traditions, attention to detail and respect for our Elders and their ways. Our pigs are therefore fed the best wheat cereal crop our region has to offer.

One of the characteristics of ‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ is that the meat marbles naturally, making it mouth-wateringly tender and flavoursome.

The fat in the marbling is similar to oil olive in composition and therefore does not have an adverse effect on cholesterol levels. This is the reason why products incorporating ‘Porc des prairies d’Ardenne’ are recommended for most diets.

The meat in ‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ is low in calories. It aids proper functioning of the cardiac and circulatory systems (omega 3). Its antioxidant properties are well known and the rich vitamin E content has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels.

Products offered in our shop are real regional products from the Ardennes, created in our Nassogne workshops in conformance with traditional regional recipes. Real food, real flavour.
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