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Ferme Magerotte
Le Porc des Prairies d'Ardenne

Rue de Lahaut, 11 - B-6950 Nassogne
T : +32(0)84 21 06 29 - F : +32(0)84 22 14 29
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A family-run business founded by Victor and Amelie Magerotte in the early 1900s, with sons Maurice et Albert taking over the reins 1934, followed by Albert’s two sons: Francois and Andre in 1974.

We believe in our meat and we believe in our business. We have remained true to our philosophy since the business began: the pursuit of excellence, a firm attachment to traditions of old, loyalty to the terroir (specific environment) of the Ardennes plus an open-minded and non-conformist approach.

Magerotte, your family butcher. Real food, real flavour.

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