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Ferme Magerotte
Le Porc des Prairies d'Ardenne

Rue de Lahaut, 11 - B-6950 Nassogne
T : +32(0)84 21 06 29 - F : +32(0)84 22 14 29
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 Cured meats

The Upper Ardennes region provides the perfect climate for the natural dry-curing of meats.

Nassogne plateau is proud to be the custodian of the cured meat tradition of the Ardennes region, the quality and diversity of which is unquestionably reflected by Maison Magerotte.

Cured meat products lovingly prepared by Maison Magerotte are lightly salt-cured and expertly flavoured with a closely guarded spice and seasoning mix handed down from father to son for three generations.

The rolling prairies of the Ardennes give rise to quality hams that are naturally air-dried and matured for several months. This process produces an intensity of lip-smacking flavours and savours that fans of organic produce absolutely love.

Traditional beech-smoking methods give our products a subtle flavour which is the crowning glory of an extensive, meticulous and monitored maturation process.

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