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Ferme Magerotte
Le Porc des Prairies d'Ardenne

Rue de Lahaut, 11 - B-6950 Nassogne
T : +32(0)84 21 06 29 - F : +32(0)84 22 14 29
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 Recommendations for optimum preservation of our cured meats

Meat should be stored in a cool, dry place up to one hour before your meal.

Whole ‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ hams should be suspended in a cool, dry environment and covered in cloth bags so that the meat can breathe but insects are denied access.

Vacuum packed meat slices should be kept in the same place.

By preserving products in this way, meat can last for several weeks and up to several months if vacuum packed.

Consideration should be given to using a pantry or larder. It’s high time this practical addition to the kitchen became trendy again! This small storage cupboard with open sides covered in mosquito netting is the ideal place for storing and preserving foodstuffs that shouldn’t really be in our fridges (cheese, vegetables etc). Click on: for more info.

We recommend that you slice your ‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ product or remove your vacuum packed slices from their wrapping one hour before you plan to eat your meal.

At an ambient temperature the unique characteristics of this cured ‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ release their delightful aroma into the air and titillate gourmet taste buds with the promise of a feast beyond compare!

Slices of cured ‘Porc des prairies d'Ardenne’ should ideally be eaten within a day.
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